Designer, American Classic Fan, Dog Rescuer


Multi-tasking comes naturally to Tracy. As the mother of twin boys and 3 rambunctious hound dogs, Tracy is comfortable taking on a challenge and solving problems. Originally from Atlanta, Tracy started her journey in design at the University of Georgia, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. She then gained extensive experience in commercial interiors before beginning a 12-year tenure with Knoll, Inc., selling fine cabinetry and furniture throughout the southeast. After falling in love with the Carolinas, Tracy relocated to Charlotte in 2005 and began focusing solely on residential design.

Helping clients realize they can have both the beautiful home of their dreams, as well as a highly functional space is what Tracy does best. She navigates clients through what could be an intimidating process with her calm positive attitude. The classic american farmhouse is Tracy’s personal favorite style. Updated with clean lines and interesting details, it’s timeless, warm and inviting. Tracy’s ability to bring out the best style and function for every client, making each environment an extension of its owner, is what separates her in her profession. She understands that it is her relationship with the clients that truly makes each project come to life.

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Want to get to know Tracy better? We asked her about her thoughts on designing…

Where do you get your creative influences?

I am constantly influenced by my daily life as a mom.  Trying to find creative and new ways to do some of the day-to-day things is always a challenge. Knowing how much the people you love are affected by the things around them gives you a fresh perspective and energy to succeed.

What are some of the factors you consider in remodel projects?

Considering how a client lives in their space and how I can make that a better experience for them is number one for me.  I like to spend time with them in their current surroundings and see what does and doesn’t work for them.  That gives me a great “jumping off point” to create their dream space!

What is your favorite room and why?

This may be an odd choice, but I love a great mudroom!  This is a room that needs to be a workhorse and function 100% of the time but is also a perfect spot for color, texture and details that you might not dare to do in your kitchen!  Finding fun and functional ways to stow things like backpacks, 40lb bags of dogfood and even a scooter or two makes me very happy!

Why do you do what you do?

Some days, I feel like I don’t have a choice to do anything other than design!  I find myself redoing things in my own home, mentally changing a paint color in a restaurant, sketching design ideas on a notepad… I feel so lucky to be given the talent to design and love doing it.


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